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“May it please you your excellency @KagutaMuseveni, it’s me your son Moses ssali bebecool. I am honoured to address you today and grateful for your leadership and vision for our nation. I appreciate your commitment to our country’s progress. Your excellency I am sharing my insight on the sports industry and the impact of Foreign Sports industries to our nation. The Ministry of Education and Sports, a standalone entity, was merged under your wise guidance his excellency to which I believe you had seen and predicted the future and the potential of sports to improve and elevate on the standard of living of Ugandans same as education. Recently, our esteemed President you opened up on a question why your bazzukulu today are watching foreign leagues to which you specifically mentioned the premier league. I firmly believe that this global phenomenon has numerous benefits for our nation, particularly for young Bazzukulu highlighting the importance of watching European leagues, their impact on our youth, economic growth, and the potential for employment in the sports industry. Impact on Young Footballers and Mindset change. Watching European leagues exposes your bazukulu to top-notch football, inspiring them to emulate their idols and strive for excellence. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappé are role models, showcasing dedication, hard work, and passion. By observing their techniques, strategies, and teamwork, our young players can improve their skills and develop a winning mentality. International leagues like the Premier League and Serie A have a profound impact on young people, fostering a mindset focused on career growth and job creation. Sports keep the youth busy, promoting health, discipline, and a constructive outlet for energy, reducing the likelihood of involvement in illegal activities due to team schedules. Europe has successfully redirected young people’s energy into positive pursuits like sports, and Uganda can follow suit. Ugandan parents are increasingly supporting their children’s participation in sports, recognizing the long-term benefits, as seen with artist Bebecool’s support for his son Alpha’s football career from academy to now a professional footballer playing for local club Express Fc and Under 20 Uganda National Team which competes on international platform. Economic Growth. European leagues are a significant economic driver, generating billions of dollars in revenue from broadcasting rights, sponsorships, merchandise, and tourism. By following these leagues, Uganda can learn from their successful models and adapt them to our own sports industry, creating new opportunities for economic growth and job creation. The sports industry offers an indirect employment solution, starting with players inspired by global icons like Messi, Ronaldo, and Mbappé, who earn millions of dollars weekly to which are seen from foreign football leagues. A single football team employs around 50 players, and these highly paid individuals repatriate part of their earnings, investing in multi-million projects, businesses, and job creation back home. For example, Sadio mane who has built schools and hospitals in his home country its through only watching European leagues that our Footballers can also copy the same if given chances to earn on global level thus developing our country. Sports Industry Potential. The European leagues have exhibited and taught your bazzukulu that it is a substantial employer, encompassing not only players and coaches but also professionals like lawyers, accountants, security personnel, and many more. By investing in our sports infrastructure and embracing international competitions, we can create a thriving industry that generates employment opportunities and stimulates economic growth. There is over millions of Ugandans employed directly and indirectly through football, with other sports like netball, athletics, basketball, and boxing” The letter says.

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