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VIDEO: Stop Talking About Bobi Wine – Fik Gaza Warns Alien Skin

National Unity Platform diehard Fik Gaza from the Gaza Nation has made it clear and his support to Bobi Wine and goes on to warn Alien Skin for his continues statements he makes, be real and be on people’s side.
“Alien Skin found me in the Ghetto and requested me to be his friend and joined him since in the Ghetto we believe in one love and thought we were on the same move on help on “FADHA” but his goals were getting free money from the tax payer’s money” – Fik Gaza

“My main issues of separating with him were three, First I thought he was standing on “People Power” which wasn’t his case, second wanted him to be a real Ghetto Youth and help them and the third was acknowledging me as a musician which wasn’t in his favor” – Fik Gaza added
Alien Skin should raise another artiste from Fangon Forest than being the only musician to represent the whole musical group, let Champion Guddo or Chief Meddie release music and shine to the top and also get paid.

“Alien Skin Could have been a good artiste of now once if he stood with Bobi Wine, but decided to beef him and am warning him to stop attaching him otherwise shall have a revenege”

“I will one time attack Fangon Forest straight to your bed, The only person that can threaten me there is JULIO and its on that he has a gun and serves the military force and also can challenge him”

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