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VIDEO: Zahara Toto Officially Quits NBS for Makula Tv

Zahara Toto has confirmed her resignation from the Naguru base Television for star times owned station Makula Tv, the warning letters that were given to me were done to please Uganda Communication Commission and it’s the people that decides.
Zahara Toto is expected to host a show titled “Vibe Ku Vibe” and we have been sharing many ideas with the management of Makula Tv and we are aiming at making it bigger than any other station, we are bringing in different segements in the show
“I joined media during the WBS time when was doing kids news, then joined NTV for T-Nation for some good years and later joined Spark Tv for the Live wire and we did it to our best that’s why it attracted numbers and was one of the success shows and was asked to join NBS which I quite officially since I refused to sign another contract with them earlier this year” – Zahara Toto adds

“I blocked all NBS Tv management since was aiming to something bigger than that, Lugambo shows weren’t paying as I wanted that’s why I had to join the Deejaying because it had a higher push to me and had to pay me more than the Tv programs”
For several cases Zahara Toto was seen into wrangles with different individuals in a way of spicing up her show make it trend, and this had to get suspension and also had to keep writing apologies to UCC for going against the code and conducts.
She later got an offer from Captain Mike Makula offered her a scholarship and joined the aviation school and later graduated as an Aviator and as of now she calls herself “Dj Zato the graduated Aviator”
“Am gathering all information and soon shall sue Galaxy management and its workers for all the allegations they always make on me “

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