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Music Mogul Diddy Done Is Done With This Time.

New evidence has surfaced the internet, on allegations of sexual trafficking and assault committed by music mogul Sean Diddy combs has now got into a serious mees. New video put out by the CNN showing Diddy in a hotel running in a towel attacking his former girlfriend Cassie, the video was caught or recorded back in 2016 but it is just coming back to the world.
The internet is all furious since morning and everyone is asking who can really keep such a video from the public as in who was able to keep this violent video of Diddy doing this to a woman, some are really saying why he wasn’t arrested or why he has not yet been arrested.

“What’s most disappointing is that it took so many of you to see the video to believe he’s an abuser even after sooooo many other women (and men) have come out with their stories as well. SMH. What about believing them when they say it is?” one fan tweeted.
A number of people were surprised to see taking a look at the picture the two took at the met Gala in 2017 just a year after that beating and the two seemed like nothing had ever happened but now it is actually disturbing that she is even reacting on the case yet she really kept quiet about the whole thing.
CNN asked her to comment on the issue but she had no response for the issue but her lawyers say it really took a lot of courage for Cassie to keep all this pain for this whole time and that the video has finally comeout, they are to do everything to ensure justice for miss Ventura. All this follows the complaints and reports that have been thrown on Diddy in the last Months where the FBI and other security agencies on cases of sex trafficking and sexual assault.

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