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Abed Bwanika Confronts Bobi Wine As Nup Supporters Burst In A Fight

At a burial of one National Unity Platform (NUP) supporter known as Pascal Ssekasamba and a friend of Bobi Wine who has been living in the US passed on and was recently brought into the country and was buried in Masaka. At the place of burial, in attendance the place had almost every member of the National Unity Platform including the team that are tagged as Mpuuga, including Hon Mpuuga himself alongside his personal friend and partner Kimanya Member of Parliament Hon Abed Bwanika.

The other team as usual in attendance was led by the president of the National Unity Platform Robert Kyagulanyi with the people, he usually moves with that’s a few members of a parliament that still believe in the party and his cause. At the time of the time of speech, Mr. Abed started his speech by confronting Bobi Wine about this whole on-going situation with his former Leader of opposition Mathias Mpuuga who is being punished by the party for taking 500 million shillings from the government.

This money is claimed to be a token appreciation to Mr. Mpuuga for his service as the former Leader of opposition but his party (NUP) claims this is corruption and his party member is being bribed by the government and he (Mpuuga) shouldn’t accept that. Abed Bwanika says Mpuuga is one of the most respectable leaders in Masaka City and in Uganda as a whole so the president should never disgrace its own leader so as the president of the party Abed said all this very furious at Bobi Wine.

As he was putting out all this anger on his party president and people were chanting and some were booing him off the microphone, a certain guy came out of nowhere and pulled the mic off him. In response, Kyagulanyi had this to say this to Mr. Abed in the presence of Mr. Mpuuga who was Seated next to Abed, he told him first of all Mr. Abed he is the one who handpicked Mpuuga in those posts where they all got to know him as well as Abed himself,

“iam am the one who got you that post you in right now in the parliament, so please stop all this foolish act you all on. Kyagulanyi also went on and asked for forgiveness from the people in attendance of the burial on ow his Member of parliament reacted or misbehaved in his presence and it was his duty as the leader of his party

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