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President Museveni Wants Mpuuga Investigated On Corruption

The former leader of opposition Mathias Mpuuga has been in the headlines for the last 3-2months for issues of corruption which was claimed by his own party the National Unity Platform (NUP) which took it serious to the extent of casting him out of the party if he does not do as the party asks.

The National unity platform President Robert Kyagulanyi asked Hon Mpuuga to take back this money and ask for the public’s forgiveness as it was a sin full act to take this money because it is corruption. Hon. Mathias Mpuuga was given a sum of 500million shillings by parliament as an appreciation token for his services that he rendered to the country as the Leader of Opposition and this offer was put on table to the commissioner of parliament too.

Today the president has given an order to the office of the IGG to start up an investigation on these matters, how can a few fellows come out and share a sum of 1,700 000 000 shillings just to themselves. He further asks all the concerned offices if they didn’t know about the case, the office of the attorney general or they didn’t need to know about the case and added the prime minister along with the finance minister to answer this.

The president in his letter also talked about what the government of Amin and Obote used to do this to accumulate a lot of wealth and this is one of the reasons as to why they fought therefore they will not allow such behavior in the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

He concluded by asking how can this money be passed without involving the parliament according to what he heard, and with the struggles of the country in this economy crisis why should several commissioners give themselves such an amount of money, was it legal? If not, then why hasn’t it been investigated y the office of the IGG of the CID. The letter was addressed to the, Speaker of parliament Inspector General of the Government (IGG) Director of public prosecutions Chairperson, NRM caucus


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