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Heart Broken Gashumba Cries To The Internet For Love.

The internet was filled with the most lavish photo dumps from what they termed as the best couple on the internet Rickman and Shielah Gashumba. The two were known for showing to much love to each other on the internet with each moment they shared be it food as in lunch, bed time, morning time traveling together showing off all these moments on the internet.

Shielah Gashumba is known on the internet as an influencer and so she did influence Rickman’s music career, Shielah was able to push her boyfriend’s now ex in every corner that she could including making show in and out of Uganda and including Rickman on the performance List. The two stopped sharing these moments on the internet and people thought they were just putting their love off social media, but a few people who knew who Sheilah was started moving the rumors as they know Sheilah can never keep her love life or what she’s enjoying in private.

Rumors got more serious as the two unfollowed each other on Instagram and stopped exchanging love tweets in the X app formerly known as Twitter but all this could not prove the couple’s brake-up until today. Sheilah Gashumba has finally come out with a statement regarding the current situation between her and Rickman manrick. Sheilah states that the two respectfully went separate ways as they decided as adults for both of them to look somewhere else for more happiness in their lives. She does not give any valid reason as to why they broke up as she states it all in her letter on her social medias.

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