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For some time now former Leader of Opposition Hon. Mathias Mpuuga has had a problem with his party(NUP), it is no longer news to the public that the former LOP has issues with the party and the president and seems not to have a sense of belonging to the party in any way.
It has been in rumors in the past several week that Mpuuga and his colleagues including Joyce Bagala and Abed Bwanika and their followers have been planning to either make a new pressure group or formulate their own party.
The group is now in plans of having prayers that are supposed to be held for thanking God for keeping and protecting their mighty leader Mathias Mpuuga, a group in preparations led by Joyce Bagala has informed Ugandans that the lord has done a lot of wonders for their leader and it’s time to thank him and will probably be giving up some of their future plans.
Hon. Mukasa Mbidde has come out with a statement on the newly formulated political group along with it’s new political ambitions that are just a plot that is set give give the National Unity Platform a huge margarine.

On a talk show on RADIO 4 with Adam Kungu, the member and representative of Uganda in the east African Parliament has laughed at Mpuuga and his colleagues saying the only reason they are doing this act of setting up a prayer is to try and taste the deep waters.
It is this meeting that will help them determine whether they have enough numbers to either start a political party or to start a political party.
He says what they are doing is a joke but the have a very big aim behind it but I assure the public if this thing fails to work out like they want it to do, they will definitely get back on the drawing board get new ideas on how they can get to the top most leaders on NUP and talk them down to forgive them.

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