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We Had Less Time to Digest Issues in National Unity Platform – Mathias Mpuuga Replies to Bobi Wine

The Nyendo Mukwengwe Member of Parliament Hon Mathias Mpuuga has finally made a statement on how things are being handled in the National Unity Platform in form of orders not as to be done as per the party constitution.
“By the time we left the National Campaigns we had less time to go on digest issues since we had a lot to do since we had many members that we had to teach on how and the responsibilities of the given seats and once some things still work on commands the party shall collapse” – Hon Mathias Mpuuga
“It’s so dangerous for any leader at a given level to start acting and talking in a way of cram work and no let the MPs stand by his mind and act as his thoughts and add on threatening them on loosing party cards”

“For any individual that can’t stand on his word should be represented not represent others since they aren’t in the capacity of doing so, and if I have ever done any mistake I would have given a statement to the people of Nyendo Mukwengwe”
“Its better to vote and appoint a person who is freely and ready to learn than voting and appointing a person who isn’t ready to learn fron his or her senior leaders inthat area”

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