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VIDEO: Depressed Weasel To Hold A Concert

Makes no more news now that weasel seems to be going through the worst condition and he is actually struggling to pull his life back together with all these different videos online that show him drunk at times fighting getting into wrangles.

This is mainly said to be caused by the loss of his non-blood related brother Moses Radio who died a few years back, radio was like the brother weasel never had in his life like the two were literately family and not after Radio lousing his life in a very nasty accident in a bar.

Radio’s death has now affected weasel not only career wise but in his personal life whereby weasel can’t not wakeup to a sober day according to to the videos we see online plus the fact that he has not put out a song that could ever match or even better song than any of his songs with Radio.

After a successful concert with Ray G, Nobert events has come out to give assistance to this brother known as weasel.

Norbat Events has just made a deal with weasel to sign a contract of making a concert for weasel and it will know as Welcome to the GoodLife Concert 9th August Hotel Africana.

And he will be performing and singing alongside his imaginary friend who became Radio Moses Ssekibugo

And on the 9tthh of august that is really to first night of him performing and host a concert with Moses Radio.


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