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Police Give Go Ahead To Kyagulanyi With His Nup Tours.

On the last attempt to tour the country as earlier planned by the National Unity Platform (NUP) as they started their country wide tours, NUP had first formerly visited Kamuli District where the tour was all successful as people turned out in big numbers.

But all these pulled numbers by the party worried the police on how to provide security to these rallies therefore they warned the National Unity Platform to do formal writings to the police which they did before planning which was supposed to be their second tour.

The police said they had never received any letter from the Party and were therefore stopped on their way to Pallisa which was supposed to be their second tour after Kamuli.

Kyagulanyi and his motorcade was ordered to return back to Kampala at their Headquarters where they escorted him and his team back to the party headquarters reason being they did not communicate to the police of their movement.

After all this confusion between was tagged as uncalled for, the police and other security agencies decided that the National Unity Platform along with police officials should meet and decide on better ways on how to carry out everything in harmony.

The National Unity Platform was to reach on some terms and were allowed to carry on with their tours on conditions that they really follow police protocol how how to keep these tours in check and they are as follows.

“The NUP Leadership should, in all their notifications, write officially to the IGP early enough as per the law to allow UPF management to reply in time and copy their letters to the Territorial Commanders.

The District Security Committee shall carry out an assessment of security at the venue, environs, and the route that the NUP members intend to use before the meetings. The committee will work together with the Liaison Officer of NUP to agree on an appropriate venue where Police can effectively provide security. The assessment will be in coordination with town clerks who always grant permission for venue usage.

The NUP Leadership will provide a liaison officer whose role will be to coordinate with Police Headquarters and Unit Commanders regarding preparations for holding their activities and following up on security concerns from the party.

The meeting urged NUP Leadership to prevail over their members who wear military insignia, as these acts contravene the law. Persons found culpable shall be dealt with individually.

Regarding the alleged confiscated NUP items by security, it was agreed that a follow-up will be made by the Director of Operations, and communication will be made later.

Regarding NUP members arrested for acts contravening the law, the meeting agreed that the NUP Liaison Officer should always contact Police for follow up.” The police tweeted

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