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Joel Ssenyonyi Blocked from Entering Police Headquarters

Leader of opposition Joel Ssenyonyi has been seen approaching to police headquarters to personally take their tour schedules and to inform the police officially of the places that they will be moving to during this tour.
NUP LOP Joel Ssenyonyi talked about the police always denying that they have received any letter saying no letter was delivered so they as the party decided to take it to the headquarters.
As they reached the gate, they were stopped by police officers who told them to stop and that they couldn’t access the headquarters, Ssenyonyi asked them if the leader of opposition couldn’t access the Uganda Police and why as they started exchanging words with the officers.

Joel Ssenyonyi was escorted by the party General secretary who also added on his own words asking if the National Unity Platform as a party should never be allowed into the police premises if it was illegal for them as party members to be at the police headquarters.
After that all exchange of words the officers asked Joel and his colleagues to leave the letter at the gate and it will be delivered to the heads of the police.

Joel Ssenyonyi addressed journalists about the whole matter told them that they(NUP) have dropped the letter and it was signed and received by Afande wamungu as he referred to him and he was completely sure that there will be no confusion by the police that they didn’t receive the letter.
He finalized with the point that since they have dropped their letter to the police, they are now continuing to Palisa because they have informed the police and they expect the police to work and in hand with them to keep security.
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