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As the National Unity Platform toured Kamuli led by their supreme leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu which was the very first place they have visited in there second wave of the NUP mobilization tours.
NUP was showed a lot of love as they were welcomed by huge numbers of people from Kamuli District ending the tour with so much love though they also had a bit of some conflicts with the police and other security agencies.
Within this whole circus with the security organs, NUP claims five of it’s members were arrested and detained for no reason other than attending and supporting Robert Kyagulanyi and the National Unity Platform.

“Five members of our advance team to Kamuli were arrested yesterday and spent the night at Kamuli Central Police station! These include Sarah Mukisa, Rahmah Jumah, Bobi Rash Sentamu, Shafi Adams and Maga Jacobz. They were found at a restaurant in Kamuli town and arrested. While our teams work hard to secure their release, we condemn the impunity and high-handedness by the partisan security agencies. FREE OUR PEOPLE. They did not commit any offence.” The party General Secretary tweeted.
Today while addressing the public at the NUP headquarters in Makerere Kavule, Robert Kyagulanyi commented about the arrest of one comrade Twinomijuni Anthony commonly known as Bobi young, whose reasons for the arrest are not yet know but as the party claims, that’s it is for their political affiliation.

The police has come out to refute these claims from the National Unity Platform and have put out the reason as to why Bobi young was arrested today.
“Security agencies have today 23/05/2024 carried out an intelligence led operation at the home of one Twinomijuni Anthony commonly known as Bobi young, a resident of Mutungo zone II, Nakawa Division Kampala, he was arrested. On searching his premises the following items were recovered, Ranks resembling that one of a UPDF 4 Star General, Walk Talkie, Berets resembling that of military police and two pairs of desert military shoes. He has been charged with illegal possession of government stores and inciting violence. He has been handed over to JATT for further management. The operation continues.”
Said the metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango

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