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This week the president addressed the country in what he usually terms as the National Adress, he addressed a number of issues but the most trending story in his address was more based in the rampant growth of corruption in his government.
Mr. Museveni talked about the how the IGG and it’s office has failed to handle the corrupt in these big offices as he also added that the country has corrupt officials but he believes these people should not really be just put away because these people can also help the country in some way.
He also adds the government has got a lot of use for these people but they should also not use that as an advantage to exploit the country and that’s why the offices in charge of punishing these people should really act as soon as they get the evidence.
Today security agencies have started arresting government officials especially members of parliament have now been taken into custody because of stealing government money.
A squad of armed police and detectives in a convoy of four minibusses has arrived at Kira Police Division, where three MPs spent the night in detention.
The MPs are Lwengo District Woman MP Cissy Namujju, Bunyole West MP Yusuf Mutembuli, and Busiki County MP Paul Akamba.
Their arrest comes just days after President Museveni revealed a racket of officials at the finance ministry who collude with other government agencies through Parliament to include their shares in the budgets.
One of the MPs at Kira division police this morning indicated that the arrested MPs were scheduled to record statements.

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