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There has been a new video that is moving allover social media which involved a gentleman who was beaten up by a number of thugs in day light trying to take a bag a way from after failing to land their flying kick this time.
Guy kept fighting back and running away from these goons who were just increasing in number on their boda bodas ending up beating a guy who was on a boda took whatever property he had.
The Kampala Metropolitan spokesperson Luke oweyesigire has come out to give a statement of the incident starting with stating that the incident happened on the in 2022 where thugs attacked an engineer who was carrying a bag with 30million shillings which they were able to escape with the money thankfully the victim was barely hurt from the incident.
“The Kampala Metropolitan Police is addressing the public regarding a CCTV video currently circulating on social media. This video depicts a robbery incident that occurred in 2022 at the Buganda Road Y-junction near City Oil on Bombo Road.
In this incident, a group of thugs targeted an engineer who was carrying 30 million UGX in his bag. Although the victim managed to escape, the suspects successfully seized the money. Our investigations identified the perpetrators as Abdullamani Bakata alias Pancho, Emmanuel Nsubuga, Augustine Wanandya, and Ivan Muwanda.” He said.
In addition to that attack, Oweyesigire says the same group is said to have attacked another of there victim who was known as Mr. Dawit Kasa who has a sum of 2.8 million shillings and a laptop and a number of them were arrested in an operation that was carried out by police and the flying squad at that time and a few of these items were obtained by the police.
“Additionally, this group was connected to another violent robbery involving Mr. Dawit Kasa, a diplomat from the Ethiopian Embassy. This incident occurred on February 25, 2022, along Prince Charles Avenue in Kololo. The assailants robbed Mr. Kasa of 2.8 million UGX and a laptop, leaving him unconscious.
In response to these criminal activities, the Kampala Metropolitan Police, in collaboration with the Flying Squad, conducted several operations. These efforts led to the apprehension of the suspects mentioned above and the recovery of multiple items, including motorcycles, 20 mobile phones, ATM cards, and identification documents from various victims. During an operation in Kisenyi, one gang member, identified as Alipanda, was neutralized.” He added.
Oweyesigire finalizes his statement assuring Ugadans that most of these suspect were arrested, remanded to Luzira Prison awaiting for trial so Ugandans should be vigilant but also be sure that as police and other security agencies are doing a lot to ensure the safety there safety and that most of these videos are old and cases were worked on.
“The suspects are now on remand at Luzira Prison, awaiting trial. The Kampala Metropolitan Police assures the public that we remain vigilant and proactive in our fight against crime. Many of the videos circulating on social media related to these incidents are outdated and have been effectively addressed by our law enforcement actions. To further ensure public safety, we have intensified street patrols and enhanced our surveillance capabilities with advanced CCTV systems.”he concluded.
We urge the public to stay calm and to report any suspicious activities to the authorities.

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