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Anthony Twinomijuni alias Bobi young was arrested last month over for the crime being possession of cloths that are lookalike of uniforms that belong to the security agencies.
Bobi Young was caught with red sed shoes, Barret, Red overalls with chips that look like police uniforms boots that were earlier this year refrained from being put on or used by any member of society.
He was yesterday arraigned before the court martial and was denied bail sent back to the coolers to investigate more on his actions and find out reasons as to why we had these clothing in his possession.
The National Unity Platform has come out to talk about the same issue and tell the public on the truth of what is really going on with their comrade Bobi Young.

“When he was arraigned before the court martial yesterday, comrade Bobi Young revealed how he was being coerced into implicating NUP leaders, a tactic deployed whenever regime security agencies abduct and torture our comrades. He however stood his ground and declined to succumb to monetary and ‘freedom’ offers and was eventually slapped with charges of ‘unauthorized use of military uniform.’ He was remanded to Luzira prison and shall return to court on July 7th. This impunity prevails despite court verdicts nullifying the trial of civilians before military courts.” They said.
The party warns the public to be careful as the government will try their level best to try to put fake crimes on NUP supporters but however they will not do anything to break the law.

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