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The speaker of parliament Rt.Hon. Annet Anita Among has been struggling and going through a lot in the news which has now caused a lot of chaos in her political environment. First sanctions were got from the United Kingdom where they totally froze every single asset she had in the country and every single account that had her money. The other sanctions came from the Arab Nations where she was also stopped from stepping into the Nation.

This got to the president of Uganda, Mr. Museveni wrote a letter to the speaker of parliament asking her on the ongoing allegations of how much property she owns in the United Kingdom and why are they insisting on punishing her.

The speaker AAA replies the letter justifying her innocence claiming all these accusations were really false only to endanger her name and reputation just because she was able to help the country Uganda to push out homosexuality out of the country.

“Fellow Ugandans, While I had chosen not to respond to the pieces of malicious content and schemes thrown at me by various actors from within and outside our country, I wish now to comment briefly on the issue of my alleged ownership of properties in the UK, which is now a subject of diplomatic engagement between our two countries. I am glad that His Excellency the President of Uganda has given attention to this matter and rightfully chosen to seek the truth through formal diplomatic channels. Indeed, like the known principle of natural justice recognized in most jurisdictions of the Commonwealth (including Britain), the one who alleges must prove. Since the UK government claims I own property, it should be prudent of them to state which property I own as Anita Annet Among.

Forgery should be the least the world can expect from them. I am sure this is the answer my President, our government, and myself want from them. Nothing else. The alleged house plot, Flat 4, Silk House, 7 Water den Road, London, E20 3AL, United Kingdom, which they informed the President is owned by myself, surely has an owner who is registered in their own system (the UK Government), and this owner, as per their own record, is not Anita Among. Fellow Ugandans, while this matter is exciting to some because of our own internal political contradictions and intrigue, I insist and wish to alert all, soundly, that the issue is not the alleged corruption or ownership in the UK. The attempts to forge and claim that I own property when their own records show the contrary tell it all. The real crux of the matter is about targeting Anita Among for being vocal against homosexuality. The rest is a cover-up. The truth will set me free. (John 8:32)” she tweeted.

More sanctions have been seen from the United states of America and the National Unity platform had a lot to say celebrating this issue.

“The United States of America has today announced new sanctions against Anita Among for engaging in serious corruption as Speaker of Parliament. Also sanctioned are Amos Lugolobi, Agnes Nanduttu and Mary Goret Kitutu for engaging in corruption related to the #KaramojaIronSheets. Very significantly, the USA has also announced sanctions against Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu (the immediate past Deputy Chief of Defence Forces) who commanded the killing of over 150 Ugandans in Kasese in 2016.

We welcome these sanctions and appreciate the Government of the United States for listening to the cry of the oppressed people of Uganda. It has been our call to the civilised world not to keep a blind eye to the impunity perpetuated by the Museveni regime. We hope more individuals and organizations responsible for the suffering of our people will be sanctioned.

This sends a clear message to those responsible for gross violations of human rights; those responsible for the plunder of our nation’s resources, that yes, today they control all institutions that should be holding them accountable, but they are not far from accountability.” He tweeted. We are still waiting for the what the speaker will add on her new sanctions maybe even the president doing something about all these sanctions.

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